Dark Sonar is a software-as-a-service cybersecurity company that prevents synthetic identity fraud along with other online digital identity threats that businesses and organizations face.

In 2014, 60% of all online cybersecurity threats struck small and medium sized businesses/organizations. The cybersecurity sector is constantly evolving, with ever growing complex problems arising each day. Identity and access management is a growing subsection because of the explosion of “identity” within websites and mobile applications. Each user of a website or mobile application has access to various endpoints of exposure which pose enormous risk to businesses and organizations.

Dark Sonar seeks to eliminate cybersecurity risk by automatically preventing common types of fraud such as synthetic identity fraud in real time. Other types of fraud Dark Sonar can prevent that stem from synthetic identity fraud are promotion abuse and account takeover fraud. The results are such that a reduction of fraud helps prevent damage to revenue and sales, customer trust, user acquisition ability, reputation, and more. Dark Sonar also helps reduce manual human review time expense and human resources needed to scrutinize application level events occurring on websites and mobile applications by automatically making decisions for a business or organization’s website(s) or mobile application(s).

Our products are perfect for small and medium sized businesses for several reasons:

  • Intuitive & understandable user interface

  • Cost effective in nature

  • Extensively documented

  • Simple integration

  • Technologically advanced

Dark Sonar is built on highly scalable infrastructure and is also able to handle large businesses with unique needs irrespective of size. For more information about how Dark Sonar can serve your organization, please contact us. A dedicated account manager is assigned for enterprise level accounts.

Why Dark Sonar?

We're backed by organizations that care deeply about cybersecurity.

The Team

Our team comprises a variety of backgrounds and we’re all eccentric in some way. At the end of the day, we’re passionate in what we do and love cybersecurity.

George Lee


Ian Kirsh-Clemenceau

chief executive officer

Simon Schlegel

chief technology officer

Ankush Manchanda

Chief Strategy officer

John Spies

Chief Operating officer


Chief happiness officer

Our Advisors

Our advisors have a diverse range of experiences creating and operating companies in the technology fields of internet advertising to website development.

Paul Capriolo

Former Founder & CEO, Social Growth Technologies (acquired by kiswe)

Zeki Mokhtarzada

Former Co-founder & CTO, Webs.com (acquired by Vistaprint)

Join the Dark Sonar Team!

We’re a group of technologists, nerds, data scientists, dog lovers, festival lovers, coffee aficionados, and the list goes on and on. But at the end of the day we’re all entrepreneurial and love protecting people and companies alike. Think you have what it takes to join us?