Fraud Prevention Technology

Our integrated suite of tools use machine learning paired with vast networks of data to ensure your web or mobile apps are transparent and fraud-free.

IP Data & Geolocation

Browser Datapoints

Malware Detection

Device Fingerprints

ML Algorithms

Proprietary Datapoints

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How it works

Case: Synthetic Identity Fraud

  • A user from the Philippines has stolen an American identity and is trying to sign up on a website.
  • Dark Sonar has detected this behavior quietly in the background and has collected information about the user who poses as a threat to the web or mobile application.

Solution: Real Time AI & Prevention

  • In less than half a second, a risk score has been devised for the fraudulent user and a decision was made on the client website to block the user behavior real time.
  • Other options available are: action prevention, account suspension (for active users), or logging for security, review, and compliance purposes.
Example of Dark Sonar in action

Device Fingerprinting


  • Dark Sonar collects hundreds of data points and analyzes them to generate a device fingerprint and calculates both a fraud score and a confidence score.
  • After 48 hours, data will appear on your dashboard which illustrates your app's real time security posture.

Security & Privacy

  • Data that is stored is not only hashed or encrypted through leading security standards, but no personally identifiable information (PII) is collected by Dark Sonar at all.
  • Datapoints shown in the diagram are a tiny portion of the data that Dark Sonar collects and analyzes.